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Wild Life

Wild Life - Molly Gloss I loved this book. It is set at the turn of the 20th century in Washington state and follows the path of an unconventional and delightful woman, Charlotte Drummond, who is a writer, smokes cigars, doesn't keep her house tidy, and is raising five sons. When the granddaughter of her housekeeper gets lost in the wilderness of Washington near the logging camps, Charlotte joins the search only to become lost herself. In that uncharted wilderness, Charlotte survives by coming across a family of sasquatch. The brilliant thing about this book is how realistic and undramatic the author makes this encounter with the Sasquatch. Adding greatly to the novel, each chapter begins with an except from a memoir, newspaper, or manuscript from the turn of the century with some spotting or theory about the sasquatch. In the end, the book is about what Charlotte learns about herself and what she comes to grips with in her life, but the experience of getting there is a wonderful one.