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Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad Series #4)

Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad Series #4) - I read two of Tana French's books prior to this. "Into the Woods" was not my favorite. In fact I was incredibly frustrated by the ending and thought I might not read another of hers, but I read her second one, "Faithful Place", which was well written--as the first one was--and a little more satisfying but I also didn't just love it. So I skipped the third and went straight to "Broken Harbor" and it paid off. This book was riveting from beginning to end. I really liked being inside the mind of the main character and head cop Michael "Scorcher" Kennedy who, like French's other main detective characters, is definitely flawed but who I found very sympathetic and interesting. It was a peek into a failing Irish suburb outside of Dublin and how a family can be changed by financial crisis and isolation. There is no exciting action, gun battles, or car chases and yet I felt it hard to look away, as if I might miss something. It is a strong example of a psychological murder mystery.